****Compatible with iPodTouch (5th Generation), iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad2, iPad3 and Kindle Fire. iOS 4.3 or higher.

Dolphin Paradise for iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire is a magical one-of-a-kind experience with dolphins that is fun for all ages! Bond with your dolphins, play with them, keep them healthy and happy, teach them a variety of tricks, and perform bigger and better shows as you advance! Players can share photos and compare show scores & achievements with friends! Players can also acquire custom props for dolphin shows and multiple dolphin types, eventually caring for many dolphins.

  • Trick Training & Dolphin Shows
  • Above and Underwater Environments
  • Activities: Petting, feeding, dolphin care, mini-games
  • Social: Share photos, scores, achievements, and visit friend’s lagoons
  • Customization: Multiple Dolphins, Tricks, Props, Habitats and Decorations

And much more!